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Dean Aguilar is the CEO of Digital Muse, A Brand Consulting Agency with an emphasis on social media execution. He also is the founder of two Real Estate companies, Xavier Dean Realty and Dean Aguilar Group.

Dean is a highly sought after public speaker in the field of sales & mindset coaching. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs elevate their skills to reach new heights in their business.

Dean is currently the subject of the “Dose of Truth”, an online documentary series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO and public figure in today’s digital world. He also heads a highly respected Real Estate company selling over 300 million in Real Estate over the last 4 years.

Dean has also appeared on HGTV’s Home Finder’s,  Lifestyle’s, and American Dream TV show, as the Real Estate advisor to the show.


Dean’s family immigrated to the US from Argentina (Mother) and Pakistan (father) in 1972. He lived in a  1 bedroom apartment in Washington D.C. before relocating just outside to Falls Church, Virginia. Dean has always had a vision of being a leader.  From the age of 13, he began bagging groceries for $3/hr. Dean found the love of fitness shortly after his 15th birthday. It was there where he began sharpening his sales skills by selling personal training to clients at a local gym. Dean excelled so quickly, by age 21 he was running an entire fitness facility with 61 employees.

During his time in the fitness world, Dean met one of his mentors who was a leader in the Real Estate field. He signed on as a lead agent on his mentor’s high performing team. By the time Dean was 26, he was earning $300,000 a year selling over 20 million in Real Estate per year. Dean forged his way through the economic collapse in 2008 by shifting his focus back to fitness and launching 2 fitness studios in Los Angeles California.

After growing his fitness business, Dean re-focused his energy back into the California Real Estate market. In 2012, he began mentoring new Licensees’ about scaling their business and working through a major economic collapse. He developed a well-respected mentorship program working with entrepreneurs in the fitness and Real Estate fields, with students achieving 6 and 7 figure incomes.

During this time, Dean scaled his personal Real Estate team, “Dean Aguilar Group” to consistently produce nearly 70 million in annual sales. With the success of the team, Dean launched Xavier Dean Realty, a full-scale brokerage operating up and down the coast of California. The momentum of the launch was picked up by every major news publication, including the well respected Inman news.

True to his word, while scaling his business, Dean focused on his personal brand with 3 core beliefs, Mind, Body, and Action. Dean believed that working with people to get their mindset right, their health & fitness right, and to take action no matter what the situation, was the key to a successful life.

While building his brand, Dean devised a content strategy by producing pillar shows, Dose of Truth and Daily Truth. With the rise of his popularity, Dean has gained an average of 1000 followers per month combined across social media, producing content daily on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Dean’s life ambition is to be impactfully famous in the households of millions.


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